Small Instantiation Language: Scenes

The goal of a SILLY script is the construction of an instance of the Scene predefined class. A SILLY script is composed by a list of sections, and there are special sections for each part of the scene:

The sampler, camera and background sections allow only one object to be attached, while ambient, lights and objects allow a list of objects. Sampler and camera are mandatory, since they have no sensible default values. You can omit any other section. A missing background means a black flat blackground, and a missing ambient means no ambient light at all.


The sampler, together with the camera lens, define a virtual camera. The sampler represents the photosensible element responsible for the recording of light rays (the film, or the electronic CCD in digital cameras).


Since we live in a 3D world, we need to map points in the 3D space to pixels in the 2D image generated by the ray tracer. This is the job of the camera.

Lighting: light sources

There are four predefined light source classes: point lights, parallel lights, spot lights and spherical lights, also called globes.

Lighting: ambient light

We have also included a local ambient, a kind of ambient light which doesn't have a real world equivalence. This is an ambient light with a decay factor, proportional to the inverse of the squared distance from a designated point.

Lighting: background

XSight already implements most frequently used backgrounds: a flat background, a gradient background and a simulation of a clouded sky.

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