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Welcome to XSight Ray Tracer!

XSight Ray Tracer is an experimental ray tracer programmed by Intuitive Sight in C# 2.0 with Visual Studio 2005, and running on .NET Framework 2.0. Its original goal was to evaluate how a CPU intensive application would perform in the managed execution environment. The project succeeded: we found the performance of XSight RT to be comparable to the performance of most ray tracers directly compiled into native code. As we learned in the classroom: a well designed algorithm does better for efficiency than most minor optimization tricks when coding.

XSight Ray Tracer contains the following modules:

This is the extensible ray tracing engine.

Above the engine, we have added support for a very simple scene description language, SILLY, which stands for Simple Instantiation Language (yep, and that -LY sufix).

This a simple application you can use to write and render scene description files programmed in SILLY.

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