The Noise Generator Window

You can test the solid noise function using the Noise Generator window:

You can generate a random image controlling several parameters from the solid noise generator. The generated image is shown at the Image Window. You could save the random bitmap as you would save any other rendered scene.

Bitmap and sample sizes

Since the domain of the solid noise function is the 3D space, the generator cuts a bidimensional slice.

Color maps and turbulence

Solid noise functions only returns a real value for each position. That value must be mapped to a color somehow. XSight RT has three mapping methods for this purpose:

The simplest mapping is Shades of gray:

The Full color options interpolates over the HSL color space, keeping maximum saturation and luminosity:

The third and last option is Interpolation:

This time, you are allowed to specify the extreme colors. Interpolation is performed over the HSL color space.

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